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100% Natural Leather Care Products That You Can Count On

A high performance melding of traditional, cutting edge, unique ingredients, and knowledge steeped in history is Birchees leather products. Our leather products offer performance and protection for your leather that is unrivaled in the leather care industry.

High Performance Leather Products

Birchees leather products are all natural and contain no animal or petroleum products. Animal based products such as neatsfoot or mink oil over time will oxidize heavily in your leather causing damage. Our leather products last longer and protect better against a greater variety of things that can damage your leather.
Rejuvenate and protect against water, salt, bacteria, mold, fungus, and even insects, bugs, and worms. Our products do not block your leathers ability to breathe which is important for you and your leather.

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We Are Green

100% natural with no harmful compounds or additives and no petroleum based products. Our leather treatment comes from the trees and the bees utilizing birch bark that is often left as a waste product. We are committed to the environment and sustainable practices. We are a small Canadian family run business with deep roots in the forestry industry.

Versatile, traditional, eco-friendly.

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