Application is easy but important, improper application can cause decreased performance and longevity. While either can be used by itself they have been designed to work together and best result are achieved this way. The leather conditioner prepares the leather for the wax, and the wax extends the effects of the conditioner.


Birchees Leather Conditioner Application

Before applying make sure leather is clean and dry. Leather and balm should be room temperature Warming the leather (should not be hot to the touch) is recommended but not a requirement. 

Note: You do not need to warm conditioner past room temperature, in hotter climates the balm may liquefy which is ok. You can apply as is or cool it until it returns into a cream consistency.

Put some on fingers and rub a light coat into the leather with a circular motion, take your time and rub it in well. If all is absorbed you can apply another light even coat and again wipe of excess.

Let sit and dry for a minimum of four hours, overnight is even better. During the drying process you will notice the smell of oranges will fade and after 4+ hours almost be gone and replaced by the smoky smell of the Birch tar oil.


Note: Both of these do darken leather so be sure to test first. They also impart a unique smoky smell that can last as long as a year. This is the same smell that Russia leather was known for and due to the Birch tar oil.


Birchees Leather Wax Application

Wax should be room temperature and the leather warmed (not hot to the touch). If you want the most out of the wax you have to warm the leather during application. Use fingers, clean cloth, or brush such as horsehair and apply a light coat of the wax in a circular motion, take your time and rub it in well but gently. Once application is complete wipe off excess. You can buff with a soft, dry, lint free cloth to get a shine on the leather.

Pay special attention to any seams, our wax and conditioner will seal those while also preventing them from developing any type of rot and weakening.

The conditioner and wax have been designed to work together, the balm prepares the leather for the wax and ensures best possible performance and protection for your leather.


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