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High Performance Leather Products

Our all natural leather products have been designed for those that demand the most out of their leather. Formulated and tested in the harshest environments our products do what others cannot.

Birchees Products Are Unique

Rejuvenate, restore, & protect, like no other.

Birchees leather care products are different from anything you have heard of, seen, or smelled before (yes I said smelled). Our leather products are not for general use, they are designed for, and excel for specific uses. Restoring, rejuvenating, and protecting leather that is used in the harshest conditions and environments is what Birchees has been designed for.

The Benefits Of Using Birchees

No Animal

Animal based products such as Neatsfoot oil & mink oil are not good for your leather, they also are not good for your stitching and encourage microbial rancidity. In addition they do not have good oxidative stability, this damages your leather over time.

No Petroleum

Many leather products contain petroleum derivatives which are not only harmful to your leather causing drying and cracking, but also harmful to our environment.

Waterproof Your

Birchees imbues your leather with exceptional ability to repel water that lasts for months. As a comparison Neatsfoot oil repels water for 48 hours after application, minks oil and Atsko Sno-Seal, for just one week.

Exceptional & Unique

Birchees protects your leather from a wide variety of harmful substances which other products do not, such as mold, fungus, bacteria, & salt. It also prevents dry rot.

Stabilized &
PH Matched

Our leather products are infused with a custom oil soluble mix of tocopherols and antioxidants. This greatly increases our products effective lifespan and greatly decreases chances of leather damage due to oxidation. Our products are also PH matched which is very important to the long-term health of your leather.


Venture into the great outdoors or workplace knowing that your leather boots are giving you and your feet the best protection and performance possible.