Tanning Oil Russia Leather Style 100ml/cc (stabilized)


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We are the only producer of this modernized Russia leather tanning oil, if you see this oil listed anywhere else it is not the real deal. This is the same tanning oil that we user on our Russia leather style fish leather.

 This oil is not used during the tanning process but after when oiling or fat liquoring.

Tanning Oil Russia Leather Style (stabilized) Ingredients

Birch Tar Oil: I work with local companies to obtain White Birch bark that is otherwise scrapped or burnt as a fuel. This bark is dry distilled to produce Birch tar oil. Birch tar oil was the ingredient that gave Russia leather its most sought after properties such as increased wear resistance, smell, resistance against salt water damage, impervious to mold, fungus, and bacteria. (see below for full list of properties).

Coconut Oil: Excellent lubrication of fibers, penetration and oxidative stability.

Stabilizer: Mix of natural anti-oxidants and Tocopherols, greatly increases the longevity and overall oxidative stability of the oil.

Our Tanning Oil Russia Leather Style Properties & Benefits

This mix has excellent oxidative stability and does not go rancid or encourage bacterial growth unlike animal products like neatsfootoil and mink oil.

  • Makes leather impervious to mold, fungus, and bacteria.
  • Increases wear resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to salt water damage.
  • Very good water repelling characteristics that can last for many months. As a comparison neatsfoot oil only repels water for a few days to one week, minks oil lasts just over one week.
  • Repels insects, bugs, and even small rodents.
  • Imparts a long lasting unique smoky smell. This is the smell that Russia leather was famous for.

This oil will darken leather so test first.

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