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Why Birchees Leather Products

Long lasting, all natural conditioning and protection that you can depend on.

Your leather,

will be happy,

that you are here.

Birchees Birch tar oil is a 100% natural and environmentally friendly oil that is made from the outer bark of the white Birch tree. This is the same oil that imbued the famous “Russia Leather” with its most sought after qualities, the qualities that made it famous.

Enhance & Protect Your Leather
  • Resists salt water damage
  • Repels bugs, insects, & worms
  • Highly resistant to mold, fungus, & bacteria
  • Improves durability & toughness
Other Benefits
  • Unique smoky smell
  • Excellent water repel
  • Allows leather to breathe
  • Does not block pores like waxes
  • Highly versatile. Read more..
  • Long lasting
We Are Committed To The Environment

Our Birch tar oil is made only from the bark of trees that are cut for other purposes. We work with forestry and logging companies to ensure full utilization of white Birch in our area.

Ready To Make Your Leather Happy?